The 21st Century Phenomenon



One of the components of the military success of USA forces in Iraq is the usage, implementation and integration of super modern technology in the battlefield of War on terror and against Iraqi guerrilla.

According to the prestigious CBS ’60 Minutes’ program, broadcasted on 10/13/2008, the core of the new technology is two UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) – one named the RQ-7 Shadow for sophisticated reconnaissance missions and the second, the Predator MQ-9 Reaper, for extermination missions. The combination of the two UAVs working together proved to be extremely lethal.

The reconnaissance drone is able to focus, in all condition of weather and visibility, on a group of people, to see what they are carrying with them, and if it is a sort of weapon, to analyze the location, the behavior and the direction and to give clear indications whether they are terrorists or not. If they are – the second drone is called in to complete the extermination.

The method, as well as the technology, is copied from Israel, which used it on a full scale in its war on terror, already since 2004 and modified to the Iraqi conditions and lately to the condition in Afghanistan.

But, another lesson too can be learned from Israel’s experience in fighting terror. It is that new tactics, new methods and new technology surprises the enemy for a short period of time. But the enemy, not less talented, adapts himself very soon to the new reality and responds with new tactics of his own in a cycle of constant evolution of measures and anti measures.  Soon guerilla and terror activists will operate individualy or in very small groups, assimilated into innocent civilians, to use tunnels and diversions and to move weapons from one location to another taken apart with young boys and women or elders. Soon, like in Gaza Strip, so called journalist and camera men will wait where the missiles hit to record and film the collateral damage, the women and children killed by USA missiles, and to use the technological success to delegitimize America, at least in the Muslims and Arab society. 

In the long war on terror technology is a temporary advantage with temporary success and its influence is more in shaping and transforming the next stage of the conflict. The core of victory in the war on terror remains in the mind and heart of the people and the readiness to reach for a political compromise.  


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