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* On 10/08/2002, a USA Marines was killed and another wounded, by gunmen on Kuwaiti Failaka Island during a training exercise. U.S. military police chased down the two assailants, who were dressed in civilian clothes and driving a pickup truck, and shot them dead. Three AK-47 assault rifles were found in the civilian vehicle.

The assailants were identified as Jassem Al Hajiri, 28, and Anas Al-Kandari, 21. Kuwait officials said they had arrested 27 people in and around Kuwait City, who had connections to the assailants.

* On 10/09/2002, USA troops traveling in an armored Humvee near the Camp Doha American base outside Kuwait city, was fired on. No one was hurt. Kuwaiti Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammed Khaled al-Sabah said, on Saturday 10/12/2002, that 15 people had been arrested and confessed to involvement in the shooting, and that they were planning to attack five other USA and foreign targets. –

* On 10/14/2002, troops were fired on from civilian vehicle near Kuwait City. No one was hurt.-

* On 11/21/2002, two USA soldiers were shot and wounded near Camp Doha, when a Kuwaiti policeman opened fire on them on a highway south of Kuwait City. The policeman, Khalid Messier al-Shimmari, was arrested in an unknown location the next day.  The Kuwaiti authorities claimed the shooter had mental health problems.  –

* On 01/21/2003 morning, USA national has been shot dead and another wounded in an ambush in Kuwait.  The victims – both men – were civilian contractors working for the USA military in Kuwait. The shooting happened as the men were inside their vehicle on Highway 85 near the Camp Doha military base north of Kuwait City. No one has claimed responsibility for the shooting. An unnamed official quoted by the AFP news agency said the authorities were looking for more than one assailant.

It is believed the gunman was hiding in bushes at the side of the road near traffic lights at an intersection. The four-wheel-drive Toyota had its windows shot out and was riddled with bullets. Cartridge cases from rounds fired from a Kalashnikov rifle were found at the scene, police said.


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