* Fritz  Martin Gelowicz was born on 09/01/1979 in Munich, Bavaria’s capital in South Germany. In 1984 his parents moved to Ulm where there is an extensive Islamic community and where he was active in the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Neu-Ulm and later in the Islamic Information Center – IIZ in Ulm, preaching the strict Wahhabism form of Islam, practiced in Saudi Arabia.

In mid 90s’, as a teenager, Fritz  Martin Gelowicz converted to Islam calling himself “Abdullah” or “Feliz“, became a follower of Dr. Yehia Yousif and a friends of Turkish born Tolga Durbin, an “Islamic Jihad Union” -IJU operative, who was arrested in Pakistan on 06/10/2007 and handed over back to Germany on 08/15/2007.   

In 11/2004 Fritz  Martin Gelowicz got his computer on which they had produced the local Salafist newspaper “Denk mal islamisch!“ (think Islam). On 12/11/2004 police picked up Fritz Martin Gelowicz and a friend, Attila Selek, trying to destroy evidence by setting a book on fire in front of a shop in Ulm.  Next to the burnt book officers found one of Dr Yehia Yousif ’s propaganda CD’s. In the car the men were driving, investigators found “propaganda material”, according to court documents, including a CD with information praising Global Jihad and Osama Bin Laden (which means Fritz  Martin Gelowicz was under constant surveillance).

Soon after, an Iranian-born Kurd with German citizenship named Dana Boluri, told investigators that he met Fritz  Martin Gelowicz and Attila Selek in Saudi Arabia. Fritz  Martin Gelowicz appears to have travelled to Syria and studied Arabic in 2005, according to a certificate from a language school in Damascus included in investigators’ files.

Less than a year later, around 03/2006, Fritz  Martin Gelowicz and Adem Yilmaz traveled via Iran to the Uzbek Islamic Jihad Union -IJU training camp near Mir Ali in FATA, North Waziristan, Pakistan. Shortly thereafter, Attila Selek and the later fourth member of the Sauerland Cell, Daniel Martin Schneider, arrived to the camp.

Fritz  Martin Gelowicz would later take part in the surveillance of USA military barracks in Hanau and Ramstein air base that refocused investigators’ attention on him in the months before his arrest, on 09/04/2007, suspected to be the ringleader of the Ramstein Plot. He is also suspected of recruiting to other German converts: Daniel Martin Schneider, and Eric Breininger to the “Islamic Jihad Union” –IJU.

Fritz  Martin Gelowicz was officially charged for plotting a terror attack and belonging to a terror group, on Tuesday 09/02/2008.

* Fritz  Martin Gelowicz was convicted and sentenced, on 03/04/2010, to 12 years in jail (see – Sentence 03.04.10 ).


* Filiz Gelowicz, born in 1982, the wife of Fritz  Martin Gelowicz was convicted, on 11/05/2010, of plotting a thwarted attack on USA targets in Germany went on trial herself Friday on charges of supporting terrorist organizations.

Filiz Gelowicz was is accused of supporting the Islamic Jihad Union and the German TalIban Mujahideen by helping provide euro3,000 ($4,225) to fund terrorist training camps in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region between 2009 and 2010. She faces up to five years in prison.



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