* Attila  Selek was born in 1975 in Germany to a family from Turkish descent. He grew up in the Southern German city of Ulm and, like many other local Muslims, Attila  Selek came under the influence of Dr. Yehia Yousif, was active in the Multi Kultur Haus in Neu-Ulm, which was, in fact, an Islamic center preaching the strict Wahhabism form of Islam, practiced in Saudi Arabia. In the Multi-culture center Attila  Selek got acquainted with and befriended with Fritz Martin Gelowicz.

In early 2004 Attila  Selek had completed a training program as an auto body painter and made his living from selling used cars.

On 12/11/2004 police picked up Attila  Selek and a friend, Fritz Martin Gelowicz, for setting a book on fire in front of a shop in Ulm. In the car the men were driving, investigators found “propaganda material”, according to court documents, including a CD with information praising Global Jihad and Osama Bin Laden. He was released after 13 days.

Soon after, an Iranian-born Kurd with German citizenship named Dana Boluri, told investigators that he met Attila  Selek and Fritz Martin Gelowicz during a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in late 2004.

In 2005 Fritz Nartin Gelowicz, Adem Yilmaz and Attila  Selek traveled together to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. After the hajj  Adem Yilmaz and Attila  Selek traveled to Damascus and enrolled in an Arabic course. The group planned on crossing the border into Iraq to fight the USA and her allies. Unable to find a handler for that endeavor the three tried to find a way to wage Jihad in Chechnya. But this plan also came to nothing. Finally, Adem Yilmaz made contact with a senior member of the Uzbek Islamic Jihad Union -IJU, Gofir Salimov aka Jafer, who is wanted in Uzbekistan since 2004 for several bombing attacks (see – July 2004 Attacks). Gofir Salimov recruited the young German Salafists for the Uzbek group.

Less than a year later, around 03/2006, Gelowicz and Yilmaz traveled via Iran to the group’s training camp by Mir Ali in FATA, North Waziristan, Pakistan. Shortly thereafter, Atilla  Selek and the later fourth member of the Sauerland Cell, Daniel Martin Schneider, arrived to the camp.

In 06/2006 Attila  Selek flew to Damascus to complete a preparatory year for attending university.

In 06/2007 Attila  Selek married a young Turkish woman in Konya, South Turkey. and registered with local authorities as an official resident. He planned to start a new life.

* In 11/ 2006 the CIA asked German intelligence officials for assistance in identifying a man the USA intelligence agency knew lived in Germany and went by the name “Muaz“. Later the German security service BKA came to the conclusion that Muaz is, probably, anIslamic Jihad Union” (-IJU) operative from Ulm – Attila  Selek. The identification started “Operation Alberich”, which led to uncover of the Ramstein Plot.  

Germen Investigators believe Attila  Selek is part of the Ramstein Plot of Islamist terrorists led by Fritz Martin Gelowicz. Attila  Selek job within the group, investigators believe, was to obtain the detonators, smuggled from Syria, for the explosive devices.

Together with Mevlut K. Attila  Selek managed to obtain 26 military detonators, 20 of which were smuggled in from Turkey and six from the Balkans, where Mevlut K. apparently had contacts to other militants.

Attila  Selek was arrested, on 11/06/2007, in Konya, South Turkey, and Germany is seeking his extradition. Attila  Selek was convicted and sentenced, on 03/04/2010, to 5 years in jail (see – Sentence 03.04.10 ). He was freed on Tuesday 07/19/2011.  


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