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The tourist industry in Egypt is a prime target for terror attacks because of the importance of tourism and impact of such an attack has on Egypt’s economy.

* 02/04/1990 – gunmen stopped a bus with Israeli tourists, near Ismailiya, on the Western side of the Suez Canal. They opened fire and killed 9 Israelis. 17 others were wounded. The investigation revealed that one of the gunmen was the brother of the bus drivers who led the perpetrators to his bus. –

* 02/1993 – 3 tourists were killed in an explosion in a Coffee House in the center of Cairo.-

* 07/08/1993 – 2 tourists were killed and 22 others wounded in an explosion near a tourist-bus on the road to the Pyramids in Giza near Cairo. –

* 10/27/1993 – an Egyptian opened fire on a tourist bus in Cairo – no one was hurt.   –

* 03/04/1994 – a German woman was killed when armed men opened fire on a tourist boat on the Nile. –

* 08/26/1994 – a gunman opened fire on a tourist bus – a Spanish teenager was killed in the shooting. –

* 09/27/1994 – armed men opened fire on vacationer in a tourist resort of Hurghada on the Red Sea – 2 German tourists and 2 local Egyptians were killed. –

* 10/23/1994 – armed men opened fire on a tourist bus. A British tourist was killed and 2 others wounded. –

* 04/18/1996 – 18 tourists from Greece, who were by mistake identified as Israelis, were assassinated by Muslim gunmen outside a Cairo hotel. –

* 09/18/1997 – 9 German tourists and their Egyptian driver were killed in Tahrir Square, near the Egyptian national museum in Cairo, by Islamic gunmen.

* 11/17/1997Luxor Massacre.


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