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On Tuesday 12/09/2008 the Indian police released basic details of the 10 Mumbai Carnage perpetrators. All were aged between 20 and 28. Some of the militants had just one name and had used aliases during training.

Apparently these men were sworn to secrecy, their identities were kept concealed from one another but during the voyage by sea from Karachi to Mumbai, which lasted two weeks, they did share personal details – and this is how the Indian police came to know their names and where they came from.

1. – Chhatrapati Shivaji train station squad: 

* Ismal Khan, 25, was from the village of Dera Ismail Khan in North West Frontier Province – NWFP and a Lashkar-e-Toiba veteran. He was also the ringleader of the landing group in Mumbai (see also Dera-Ismail).

* Ajmal (Azam) Amir Kasab, alias Abu Mujahid, a 21 year old native of Faridkot in the Punjab Province of Pakistan and the only surviving perpetrator, who was captured near the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station.  After a long judicial process Ajmal Amir Kasab was executed in New Delhi prison on Wednesday 11/21/2012..

2. -Oberoi Hotel squad:

*Fahadullah, alias Abu Fahad, of Bipalpur Taluka, Okara, Pakistan.

* Abdul Rehman. Alias Abdul Rehaman Chota, of Arafwala, Multan Road, Pakistan.


3. – Nariman House – The Jewish Habad Center squad;   


* Babar Imaran, alias Abu Aqasha, from Multan, Pakistan.

* Nasir, alias Abu Umar, from Faizalabad, Pakistan.

4. Taj Mahal squad


Taj-Mahal* Hafeez Arshad, alias Bada Abdul Rehaman – from Multan, Pakistan.

* Javed, alias Abu Ali from Okara district in Punjab Province, the same district of Ajmal (Azam) Amir Kasab, who was captured near the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station.

* Nazeer, alias Abu Umera, from from Faizalabad, Pakistan.

* Shoaib, alias Soheb, the youngest terrorist, age 20, from Narowal Sialkot, Punjab province.

Two of the four squad members attacked the Leopold Restaurant, close to the  Taj Mahal Palace hotel before they retreat into the Taj Mahal to reinforce the other squad operating there.


* Three of the perpetrators came from Mulatn and its suburbs, three came from Okara District in Punjab Province and two are from Faizalabad (see also – Zimbabwe-Arrests ).

** The photographs taken from 4 dead bodies are too graphic to show.


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