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* Shaker Al-Abssi was born in Jordan in 1957. He fled Jordan to Syria in late 2002 after he was involved in the assassination of Laurence Foley in Amman, Jordan, on 10/28/2002. He was sentenced to death in absentia in Jordan.

In Syria Shaker Al-Abssi was kept in custody until late 2005 when he was released. Shortly after his release Shaker Al-Abssi appeared in Nahr al-Bared and founded the “Fatah al-Islam”. He boasted several times in the local Lebanese media of supporting Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad.

Lebanese authority suspected that Shaker Al-Abssi was deliberately send by Syrian intelligence to undermine the stability of Lebanon in case that Lebanon will ask the UN to appoint an international court and judge Rafik Hariri s’ assassin suspects, which Lebanon indeed did in 05/2007.

On 05/20/2007 Shaker Al-Abssi, with his Fatah al-Islam loyalist, headed the Nahr al-Bared fighting, which left at least 222 Islamist militants killed in three months of clashes and shelling, 160 soldiers died, at least 42 civilians and Nahr al-Bared was totally destroyed.

On 02/19/2008 Lebanon’s state prosecutor has filed charges against the fugitive leader of Fatah Al-Islam, Shaker Al-Abssi, in connection with a twin bus bombing near Beirut On 02/13/2007. Shaker Al-Abssi and four Syrian members of his group, Fatah Al-Islam, are accused of planning and carrying out the attack in Ain-Alaq in which three people died.

Shaker Al-Abssi was, eventually, rearrested in Syria in late 08/2008 or early 09/2008, when he became an obstacle to the implementation of the Doha Agreement from 05/2008.   His daughter, Wafa Al-Abssi was arrested in Syrian in 10/2008 in connection with the Damascus Blast.

On Wednesday 12/10/2008 a US-based intelligence monitoring group, reported in the web that Shaker Al-Abssi and two other members of the group were ambushed in Syria on their way to a meeting to make contact with fighters in Iraq. The three were either captured or killed in a gunfight with Syrian security forces at Jermana, a Damascus suburb (see – Yarmouk 10.09.08 ). The report said Abd-al-Rahman Awad has been elected to succeed Shaker Al-Abssi as the new head of Fatah al-Islam.

** Note – It is reasonable that shaker Shaker Al-Abssi was killed by the Syrian in unclear circumstances basically because of his involvement in the Damascus Blast.


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