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Slowly and systematically Iran is spinning its cobwebs around Israel, interest of USA and pro-American Arab Sunni regimes such as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Their clear declared ideological goal is to reach nuclear weapon, through this weapon to obtain direct and indirect control on about 40% of oil reserves in the world and to tie Israel hand from responding to daily terror and missile attacks that will, gradually and eventually, bring upon the end of the Jewish state, similar to the nuclear umbrella that protect Pakistan from any Indian retaliation to the ongoing terror camping against India, over the Kashmir issue, which is organized, based and sheltered in Pakistani territory.

Since Iran fears a possible preventive attack of either Israel or USA against its nuclear capacity Iran builds its defensive system. We learned, on Sunday 12/21/2008, that Iran is about to receive from Russia s-300 anti-air defense missile system which will cripple the ability of any foreign air force to operate against Iran. Russia, which according to Iranian sources, already trained a limited number of Iranian teams but did not supply, yet, the system itself. Russia clearly indicates what will be the Russian response should USA proceed with its plan to deploy in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary its anti ballistic missile system, which Russia considers as an attempt against Russia’s national interest and security.

In another dimension Iran is making sure that it can retaliate and collect a heavy price if and when she will be attacked. Around Israel a huge system of rocket launchers based in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza strip combined with a terror network based in the West Bank is already in place ready to be activated. In USA, fare away the problem of effective large scale retaliation is much more complicated. In order to improve its abilities to operate in USA itself and not only against USA interest abroad, Iranian legal institutions in USA are potential bases to form a network in USA, similar to the role of Soviet institutions in the Western hemisphere  during the “Cold war”           

On 12/20/2008, Farhsid Jahedi the president of the ‘Alavi-Foundation‘ that owns a 60 percent stake in a 36-story New York office tower that USA prosecutors say belongs to the Iranian government was arrested for destroying documents.

 ‘Alavi Foundation’, the successor to a foundation created in the 1970s by the Shah of Iran. Alavi has majority control of the building at 650 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan. New York.  On 12/17/2008 USA sought to seize part of the building, claiming the Iranian government’s Bank Melli co’ owns the building through ASSA Co’, a Channel Islands-based corporation related to Iran.

Farhsid Jahedi was arrested in New York for obstructing justice after agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation -FBI said they saw him near his home destroying documents that had been subpoenaed by a U.S. grand jury.

“Upon reaching the trash can, Farhsid Jahedi discarded papers,” FBI agent George Ennis said in a criminal complaint in Manhattan federal court. “Based on preliminary efforts to reconstruct the documents, it appears that they are responsive to the grand jury subpoena.”  

According to the USA Justice Department, Bank Melli’s interest in the building and money flowing from it to the Iranian government violate USA laws barring the transfer of funds to Iran from the USA without authorization by the USA.


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