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On 06/05/2003, a Black Widow suicide bomber killed at least 17 people after throwing herself under a bus carrying Russian army helicopter pilots in Mozdok, Northern North Ossetia, not far from the Border with Chechnya in the Caucasus. Russian officials announced, in 11/2003, the arrest of a certain Murad Margoshvili, who used documents under the name of Murad Madayev, whom they suspected of organizing the Mozdok June 2003 bomb attack in North Ossetia.

Murad Margoshvili was also accused of being a Chechen guerrilla and that he had been in command of several rebel groups.

Two months later, on 08/01/2003 evening at about 19:00, a large truck bomb, driven by a suicide bomber, exploded in a Military Hospital in the town of Mozdok. Mozdok was used also as a base of operation for Russian troops operating in North Chechnya. 

Over 50 people were killed and more then 100 wounded when a section of the Mozdok Military Hospital collapsed due to the explosion. The commander of the Mozdok hospital, Lieutenant Colonel Artur Arakelian, has been detained for questioning over the attack

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Russian officials believe armed separatists in neighboring Chechnya of being behind the attack that targeted a Russian military hospital.

On 08/06/2003 the Russian prosecution claimed they had identified 3 suspects in committing the bombing and two of them were already detained.  Chechen militants loyal to Aslan Maskhadov government claimed they had nothing to do with the Mozdok bombing.


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