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On 06/22/2004, Islamic groups, part of them from Chechnya and others from Ingushetia, launched a simultaneous pre-dawn raid on government buildings in Magas, the government compound on the outskirts of Nazran, the commercial capital of Ingushetia, in the town of Nazran and on various border police positions on the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia. All together 15 locations came under simultaneous attack.

According to Russian intelligence sources about 100 insurgents, under the command of Magomed Evloev took part in the attacks. Most of them managed to disappear afterwards and took part, about 2 months later, in the Beslan Horror. After a whole day of fighting and sporadic skirmishes about 157 people were killed in Ingushetia, most of them in Nazran – 90 civilians and 67 Russian and Ingush security personnel. Among the officials killed in the multiple attacks were also the acting Ingush interior minister, Abukar Kostoyev, and two local prosecutors. They were killed in the interior ministry building in Nazran – the epicenter of the attacks, which was temporarily seized by the militants (see also – Kostoyev Assassination).   

On 08/04/2005 the Supreme Court in Kabardino-Balkaria, the neighboring autonomy West to Ingushetia, sentenced 13 men to prison terms ranging from 8 to 26 years for their role in the Nazran  Raid. Zaur Mutsolgov, born in 1981, and Akhmed Tsuroyev received 26 years in Jail. Other 11 defendants were sentenced for at least 8 years in prison. All the 11 convicted perpetrators were low rank foot soldiers and collaborators with the insurgents by providing intelligence and logistical support.  

Zaur Mutsolgov from Ingushetia was arrested on 07/06/2004 in his hometown of Karabulak, along with some of the other suspects in committing the Nazran raid. He was  convicted of firing a rocket launcher at two armored vehicles while Akhmed Tsuroyev was convicted of killing police officers and civilians.

Rustam Mutsolgov, the younger brother of Zaur Mutsolgov, born in 1987, was killed during a Russian anti-terror operation in Troitskaya, Ingushetia, on 03/09/2008. 

Akhmed Tsuroyev was wounded in the stomach in the fighting during the Nazran  Raid and was hospitalized.  

* Islamic commanders who took part in the Nazran raid: Ilyas Gorchkhanov , Abdul-Khalim Sadullaev .   


** Just about 10 weeks earlier, on 04/06/2004 at about 09:45, on the Nazran-Magas highway in Ingushetia, a truck loaded with explosives and driven by a suicide bomber, breached into the well protected convoy of Ingushetia’s Pro Russian President Murat Zyazikov.

Murat Zyazikov, 51, was a former KGB general, who was elected in 2002 with significant Kremlin support. Six of his bodyguards were wounded in the explosion when they managed to block the car bomb with one of the armored vehicles in the convoy.  Murat Zyazikov himself escape unharmed the attack.

One of the web sites of the Chechen separatists published a statement of Shamil Basayev in which he took responsibility for the attempt.


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