– In the aftermath of operation Absolute Justice in Afghanistan, USA intelligence recovered five footages from the rubble of the destroyed home of Mohammed Atef , on 01/14/2002, outside Kabul.

In the footage 20 of Al Qaeda members, three of whom: Abderraouf Jdey, Faker Boussora and Ramzi Binalshibh, were already known to the USA authorities, most of them from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, spoke about Jihad against Western interests and an attack that was supposed to be carried out soon.


USA believed, based on the uncovered video cassettes, they plotted an attack in Yemen, which was never seriously proved and was probably disrupted and foiled due to operation Absolute Justice. 


The tapes showed Abderraouf Jdey, Ramzi Binalshibh, Khalid al-Juhani and Muhammad Said Ali Hasan vowing to die as martyrs. 


After interrogating other Al Qaeda detainees, the FBI issued, on 02/12/2002, a terror alert of a possible attack in Yemen and posted all the 17 on the list of most wanted terrorists. Following the publication the Yemen authorities updated that 6 suspects of the 17 were already in Yemen custody and the list was reduced to 11 most wanted terrorists.


2 other of the operatives, who appeared in the five footages: Fawaz al-Rabeei and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri were arrested in Yemen following the Limburg Attack and Khalid al-Juhani was killed in the Riyadh Suicide Attack on 05/12/2003.


Since no further information came up over time related to the rest 8 suspects, they were moved from the most wanted list a year later, in early 2003, to the seeking information list. Their deeds or whereabouts are unknown (02/2009). It is possible that some of the suspects were killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or elsewhere.  The 7 are:


– 1.  Samir Abduh Said al-Maktawi, born in Saudi Arabia in 1968 to a family from Yemeni descent.

 – 2. Mustafa Abdulkader Aabed al-Ansari, born in Saudi Arabia and is a Saudi citizen. Mustafa al-Ansari is the son-in-law of a Yemen Al Qaeda operative Ahmad Mohammad Ali al-Hada.

-3. Alyan Muhammad Ali al-Wa’eli, born in 1970 in Yemen.

-4.  Ammar Abadah Nasser al-Wa’eli, born in Yemen in 1977. According to his name Ammar al-Wa’eli is probably from the same extended family of Alyan al-Wa’eli

-5. Omar Ahmad Omar al-Hubishi, born in 1969 in Saudi Arabia but is a Yemen citizen.

-6.  Assam Abdullah bin Bushar al-Nahdi, born in 1976 in Saudi Arabia but is a Yemeni citizen.

-7.  Abdulrab Muhammad Muhammad Ali al-Sayfi, a Yemeni citizen.




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