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* Nashwan Abdulrazaq, known as Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi,was born in 1961 in Mosul, Iraq, and is an ethnic Kurd. Nashwan Abdulrazaq served in the Iraqi army in the Iranian-Iraqi war (1979-88) and reached the rank of Major before leaving to Afghanistan in the mid 80s’ to fight there the Soviet Union.

Due to his time in Afghanistan, Nashwan Abdulrazaq known now as Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi, speaks fluently Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish, the Waziri tribal dialect of Pashtu and a form of Persian. According to some intelligence sources Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi coordinated Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination on 09/09/2001 – two days before The 9/11.

According to USA intelligence Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi was one of Osama Bin Laden’s top global deputies, personally chosen by Bin Laden to monitor Al Qaeda operations in Iraq. Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi was the former Internal Operations Chief for al Qaeda. He has been associated with numerous attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been known to facilitate communication between al Qaeda in Iraq and al Qaeda in Waziristan FATA region. Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi has a reputation for being a skilled, intelligent, and experienced commander and is an extremely well-respected al Qaeda leader. He has commanded numerous terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

After operation Absolute Justice Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi continued to operate from FATA region in Afghanistan and masterminded few cross-border raids from Pakistan to Afghanistan up to 2004. Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi also oversaw plots to assassinate Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf and an undisclosed U.N. official.

Following reconciliation between Ayman Al Zawahiri and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in early 2004, Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi returned back to Iraq, probably in the beginning of 2004, most likely through Iran. In early 2005 he began to distinguish himself in the ranks of Al Qaeda in Iraq and was nominated, by the end of 2005, as the chief operations officer of Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi was captured sometime in fall 2006 by USA army in Iraq. He was initially detained in unknown secret jails under Extraordinary Rendition. On 04/27/2007 USA authorities officially confirmed that Abdul Hadi Al-IRaqi is detained in Guantanamo (02/2009).


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