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* Hassan Boutani was born in Morocco in 1967. He was arrested in France on 02/07/2005 on the request of the Spanish authorities for involvement, through Youssef Belhadj, in the Madrid Trains Bombing. He was also an associate of Attila Turk.

Hassan Boutani, a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) was implicated also with the Casablanca Bombings from 05/16/2003. He was suspected of providing logistic support to the group which committed the Casablanca Bombing. 

Hassan Boutani was arrested following the arrest and interrogation of Hasan El Haski n the Canary Islands on 12/11/2004.

Hassan Boutani was accused in France, along with Attila Turk, Mustapha Baouchi and his brother Hassan Baouchi, Redouane Aberbri, Rachid Aït el Hadj, Bachir Ghoumid, Fouad Charouali and Jamal Oulahsen, of financing terror abroad – in Morocco and Spain.

All suspects used to travel since the late 90s’ dozens of times from Europe to Muslim countries in order to facilitate money transferring, collected in Europe, to various Islamic militant organizations related to Global Jihad and Al Qaeda. 

They all were convicted, on 07/11/2007, for providing material support to Islamic terror organization – the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) and specifically for assisting the Casablanca Bombings.

* Redouane Aberbri, 30, got a sentence from 6 up to 10 years in jail

* Rachid Aït el Hadj, of  Syrian descent, received 8 years imprisonment.

* Fouad Charouali was sentenced also for 8 years behind bars.

* Bachir Ghoumid was sent to 7 years in jail.

* Hassan Boutani was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

* Jamal Oulahsen was sentenced for 1 year in jail for contributing 3,000 Euros to the group, but not for collecting or distributing the money.


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