Grapeshot of three rockets hit on Sunday 04/06/2008 night, a villas compound housing American oil experts in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. Nobody was hurt and only little damage was done.

According to Yemen officials Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility on the attack in one of its web sites.

The villas compound, located next to a residential complex for other Westerners, occurred two days after the arrest in Sanaa of an Al Qaeda activist, Abdullah Ahmed al-Raimi.

Abdullah Ahmed al-Raimi was among the 22 Yemen top Al Qaeda operatives that audaciously escaped Yemeni jail in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on 02/03/2006. Abdullah al-Raimi was, since the escape, one of the most wanted Al Qaeda fugitives in Yemen.

An ephemeral group the “Jund al-Yaman Brigades” (Soldiers of Yemen) of the “Al-Qaidat ul-Jihad (Jihad headquarter) Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took responsibility on the attack as well as some other minor incidents in Sanaa.  

According to the “Jund al-Yaman Brigades”, was carried out “in revenge” for slain Taliban military commander Mullah  Dadullah Akhund .

On Thursday 05/29/2008, the Yemen security forces announced the arrest in Sanaa, the capital, of 11 Islamic militants affiliated to Al Qaeda which is suspected of carrying out the attack (See – Sanaa 05.29.08 ).



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