* Muhammad Arif  Naharudin was born in Singapore in summer 2000 and the next year, summer 2001, when he was a student in the local Singapore University, Arif  Naharudin, along with a friend  Muhammad Amin Mohamed Yunos, 21, left to Pakistan and joined there military training with Lashkar-e-Toiba. He was trained in bomb-making, weaponry and surveillance. After he returned to Singapore, in the aftermath of The 9/11 Arif  Naharudin and his associate, Muhammad Amin Mohamed Yunos, were arrested in Singapore, on 12/18/2003, on an administrative order for being a security risk for the country. They were members of an Islamic group ‘Al-Ghuraba’ (the straingers), which was affiliated to the INDONESIAN JI.

Arif  Naharudin cooperated with the Singapore authorities and the information he provided let to the arrest, eventually, of Faheem Khalid Lodhi .

Arif  Naharudin confirmed, on 12/17/2004, that he met Faheem Khalid Lodhi at a Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba training camp in Lahore, in 2001. Arif  Naharudin gave evidence in Australia, where Faheem Khalid Lodhi was tried was charged, via video link from Singapore jail.

Arif  Naharudin and his associate, Muhammad Amin Mohamed Yunos, were released from Singapore jail, on 11/08/2007, and placed on restriction orders. They had responded positively to rehabilitation, including religious counseling. Arif  Naharudin and Muhammad Amin Mohamed Yunos were never officially charged.

 * Note – A Radical Islamic group, also named ‘Al-Ghuraba’, was banned in UK, on 07/17/2006. There were no operational connections between the two groups.


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