* Abdul-Kareem Ayeras alias Abdul Mujib was born on 09/15/1973 in a suburb of Manila, the Philippines capital. He was a Christian who converted into Islam and then trained with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front – MILF in the Southern Philippines in the early 90s’.

Abdul-Kareem Ayeras joined, probably in 1999, the Rajah-Sulaiman group which operated in and around Manila and was manned by many activists from Manila region, many of them converters from Christianity. Abdul-Kareem Ayeras became one of the bombs experts of Rajah-Sulaiman.

According to Filipino authorities Abdul-Kareem Ayeras was involved in assembling the bombs used in the Superferry 14 attack, on 02/28/2004, and the Valentine’s Day Bombings on 02/14/2005.

Abdul-Kareem Ayeras was also a central player, chosen personally by movement leader Hilarion Santos, in Rajah-Sulaiman’s 2005 “Big Bang” plot to bomb civilian targets in Manila. Abdul-Kareem Ayeras was to drive the bomb-laden car, staying with it as a suicide bomber, if necessary. He also helped purchase the explosives for the plot. In addition, an INDONESIAN JI operative channeled several thousand U.S. dollars, probably destined for this same attack, through Ayeras’s ATM account.

Abdul-Kareem Ayeras  Abdul Mujib was arrested, eventually, on 01/08/2007, along with other 10 Rajah-Sulaiman operatives. The arrest became a major blow to Rajah-Sulaiman, which did not recover fully since.

Romeo Ricardo, head of the National Police’s Intelligence Group, said Ayeras’s arrest was part of a campaign to ensure the safety of the ASEAN meetings scheduled to convey in the central City of Cebu, on 01/15/2007 (see also – Cebu Allert). 


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