* Galib  Andang, code named Commander Robot, was a former houseboy of ex-Governor Sakur Tan of Jolo (Sulu) Island. He joined Abu Sayyaf in 1995 and became the leader of the Jolo Island division of Abu Sayyaf. Jolo Island is in the far South of the Philippines. He was already notorious in Jolo Island as an outlaw criminal and a rapist.

Galib  Andang was so named Commander Robot by his comrades early in his career, when he received grievous chest wounds in a firefight. He reportedly was still able to walk around and return fire while wounded, prompting his men to call him “Robot”.

Galib  Andang  Commander Robot was one of the more colorful chieftains of Abu Sayyaf. He is best known for leading the Sipadan Hijacking crisis in 04/2000, when he demanded the Filipino government to set up and pay  an orange plantation on his land in Talipao, as one of their demands for the release of the hostages.

Galib  Andang – Commander Robot, became one of the more easily-recognized faces in Abu Sayyaf due to his frequent appearances on news broadcasts and interviews, especially after the Sipadan Hijacking crisis.

On 12/08/2003 Galib  Andang was shot in both legs and arrested in his home base in Southern Jolo Island after Civilian informants tipped off soldiers on the whereabouts of Andang. According to Philippine Armed Forces Chief General Narciso Abaya, “Galib  Andang was planning another kidnapping in Jolo”.

Galib  Andang was killed by the Filipino police in the Manila Jail Revolt, on 03/16/2005, along with his lieutenant Nadmi Saabdula alias Commander Global.

* One of Galib  Andang’s lieutenants, Abdulwahab Hamja a.k.a Amja, born in 1970, was captured in Zamboanga, Southern Philippine on 22/03/2012.


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