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* Yasser Al-Jazeeri (Yasser from Algeria), a national of Morocco, was in charge of distributing Osama Bin Laden video footages in As-Sahab media branch of Al Qaeda and a financier and money raiser for Al Qaeda, who worked with Mustafa al-Hawsawi through the Hawala system. He was among the top leaders of Al Qaeda.     

On 03/15/2003, Yasser Al-Jazeeri was arrested with five of his accomplices in Lahore, Pakistan, by Pakistani security forces, who were reportedly assisted by agents of the FBI. The information led to his arrest was obtained from Khalid Shaik Mohammed arrest two weeks earlier and his interrogation.

One of the five accomplices arrested with Yasser Al-Jazeeri was identified as a Pakistani Gulzeb alias Jaffar. Other three were Afghanis.

According to intelligence sources 5 Pakistani agents were killed in the operation, which led to the arrest of Yasser Al-Jazeeri.

Reports indicate that Yasser Al-Jazeeri was jointly interrogated by Pakistani and USA agents. He was then moved, in 04/2004, to Bagram Air Base, northern to Kabul, Afghanistan. He met with other prisoners in Bagram jail as late as 06/2006.

On 07/19/2006 Yasser Al-Jazeeri’s name was included in the “Terrorists No Longer a Threat” List. No other information about his fate has been released by the USA government since then. Today Yasser Al-Jazeeri deeds or whereabouts are unknown to the public.

There are two options:

A. Yasser Al-Jazeeri was killed in unclear circumstances.

B. Yasser Al-Jazeeri collaborated with USA intelligence and got a new identification. 


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