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On Friday 03/23/2007 morning the British Police arrested three U.K 3 citizens from Pakistani descent in connection with theLondon 7/7 attack before boarded flights to Pakistan. The three detainees, who live in Leeds area, were; Mohamed Shakil, born in 1977,Waheed, Ali born in 1984 and Sadeer Saleem, born in 1981.

Sometime in mid 04/2005 a MI5 surveillance team monitoring Omar Khyam filmed and taped meeting between Omar Khyam, described as the top Al Qaeda figure in U.K, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the London 7/7 plot, Shehzad Tanweer, one of the London 7/7 suicide bombers and Waheed Ali in the streets of East London discussing plans to fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan. Later, on another occasion in late 04/2005, the surveillance teem followed Omar Khyam meeting with the Canadian citizen from Pakistani descent Mohammed Momin Khawaja.

The three had previous acquaintance with the 7/7 offenders. They were charged, on 04/05/2007 ,in London for assisting the London 7/7 bombings and carrying out

reconnaissance missions eight months before unleashed their carnage.

The trial of the three defendants Mohamed Shakil, Waheed Ali and Sadeer Saleem began in London on 04/10/2008. According to the prosecution although they were not directly behind the 2005 attacks, they shared the “objectives” and two, Mohamed Shakil and Waheed Ali, went to Pakistan with the London 7/7 ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan .

Seven months before the attacks, between 16-17/12/2004, the three defendants traveled from Leeds to London along with Hasib Mir Hussain , one of the four bombers. The London Eye, London Aquarium and Natural History Museum were among the attractions visited during the alleged “reconnaissance” mission.

British prosecutors said, on Wednesday 01/28/2009, the terror defendant Mohamed Shakil starred in a promotional Al Qaeda video, filmed in Pakistan in 2003, with the alleged ringleader of the 2005 London 7/7 bombings Mohammad Sidique Khan.

* Mohammad Shakil, Shipon Ullan and  Sadeer Saleem were acquitted, eventually, from all charges, on Tuesday 04/28/2009.


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