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Despite the tendency to blame Al Qaeda in Iraq on each bloody attack, especially against Shiites, in Iraq, there is doubt if there is, indeed, some sort of operational links or coordination between the elusive Al Qaeda leadership, somewhere in the mountains on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Islamic insurgence in Iraq.

To day violence in Iraq has lass to do with the Idea of Global Jihad and is much more related to the internal problems of Iraq. It is motivated by sectarian tension, tribal rivalry, Iranian interference, corrupted politicians (see – Mohammed al-Daini ), crime gangs and extortion, general resentment toward the presence of USA in Iraq and, only at the end, genuine Jihadi Islamic ideology (see – Kadhim Sraiwi ).    

A previously less visible terror group has replaced Al Qaeda in spearheading attacks on USA troops in Iraq. Recently group called Hamas (acronym in Arabic of Islamic Resistance Movement) al-Iraq claimed credit for several attacks, especially in Diyala Province. HAMAS AL IRAQ, in a typical Al Qaeda stile, filmed their handiwork and posted it on the Internet to boost terrorist credentials, garner funding from extremist supporters in the region and beyond and possibly recruit new members.

HAMAS AL IRAQ is a more religious Sunni offshoot of a nationalist group, once part of the “1920s Revolutionary Brigade”, that was formed by former officials and military officers of Saddam’s regime to combat the USA expected occupation in early 2003. “1920s Revolutionary Brigade” switched side to support the Americans as part of the 2006-2007 Sunni rebellion against Al Qaeda in Iraq, the formation of the Awakening Councils and the unwritten truce between it and USA forces in Diyala in the fight against a common enemy, a typical “enemy-of-my-enemy” scenario.

Now, when Al Qaeda in Iraq, the common enemy of both USA and the Awakening Councils, is almost finished and the Americans are, anyway, about to leave Iraq and its populated centers in the near future (two years) and a predominated Shiite regime is about to run Iraq, suspected by many Sunnis as related to Iran, it is the time to redefine the rules of the game in Iraq in the future post American period.

The objective of HAMAS AL IRAQ is “Victory and liberation of Iraq from north to south, to completely purge it of the filth of the occupiers and their lackeys, and to preserve its Arab and Muslim character”. When HAMAS AL IRAQ refers to Arab and Muslim character of Iraq they clearly oppose the Shiite pro Iranian character of the new “democratic” Iraq of nowadays.

“We do not recognize any government under the occupation so how can we have a relationship with it?!“ HAMAS AL IRAQ indeed said in its manifesto referring to Nuri al-Maliki’s Iraqi regime.  As about Iran HAMAS AL IRAQ declare – “The USA is our main enemy, but a more dangerous enemy is Iran. The USA wants oil, and possibly it wants to establish military bases, or to remain for many years to come – while Iran wants to rule, to eradicate and change our beliefs and ideas, aspires to alter the demography of the Sunni regions, particularly Baghdad”.

HAMAS AL IRAQ is a genuine indication to the difficulties Iraq will face soon after USA will significantly reduce its presence in Iraq. Iraq will be, probably, the main playground of the growing conflict between Sunni Arabs and Shiite Iran.


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