On Saturday 04/12/2008 evening, about 21:00 local time, a bomb exploded in the Hoseyniyeh (Shiite Mosque) Shohada (Mosque of the Martyrs) in Shiraz, about 500 km South of Tehran, Iran’s capital. 8 people were killed by the blast and about 100 more wounded which occurred during an address by a prominent local cleric.

According to a local police officer a home-made bomb had been planted in the mosque, which according to his words was affiliated to the Rahpoyan-e Vesal Association and “holds weekly meetings every Saturday regarding misguided groups, including Wahhabis and Bahais”.

The Wahhabism is a strict anti Shiite version of Sunni Islam practiced throughout the Arabian Peninsula while The Bahai faith is viewed as heretical by Iran’s religious authorities. Although the Bahai faith was originated in Iran most of its followers live in North America and Europe. In Iran Bahai faith is banned since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.   

Iran is A Shiite country but the South is populated with a large Arab Sunni population and witnessed tension and unrest because of the tension between IRANIANS an Arabs and Shiites and Sunnis. The Iranian police officer insinuated that foreign from abroad took advantage on the religious tensions in South Iran.


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