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In an unprecedented article, published in the Egyptian al-Ahram newspaper, on Friday 04/17/2009, the newspaper sharply criticized what it called “The Arab Axis of Evil” and blamed Arab countries in the region for the situation in Gaza Strip and for undermining fellow Arab regimes in the region.

Al-Ahram is strongly related to the Egyptian regime and political establishment and considered as the true expression of the Egyptian regime, when, because of diplomatic reasons, the official spokesmen are restricted from expressing the true atmosphere in the Egyptian leadership.

The article was an unofficial response to the exposure of the Hezballah-Network, which operated in Egypt since 2005 and was related also to Iran.

The long and detailed article defined the Arab axis of evil as a combination of states, organizations and a media network: Iran, Syria and Qatar, the Muslims Brotherhood in Egypt, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Al-Jazeera network as an alliance aimed not only to commit terror attacks in Egypt and to violate Egyptian sovereignty but, eventually, to overthrow the Egyptian regime and to replace it with a Radical Islamic authority.

The newspaper specifically blamed the “Arab Axis of Evil” of provoking operation Cast-Lead by coordinating a barrage of rocket shells toward Israel, without any Israeli provocation, each time when there was some progress in the negotiation with Israel over temporary cease fire, the Gilad Shalit issue (Gilad Shalit is a Israeli soldiers in Hamas captivity since 06/2006) and over the issue of the border crossings between Gaza, Egypt and Israel, in order to enable economic progress in Gaza Strip. The newspaper probably refers to the Wednesday 12/24/2008 barrage as an example (see – Ashkelon-Netivot). According to al-Ahram those “stupid rockets”, as they described it, were aimed not against Israel but against any stabilization in the region and especially against the Egyptian regime – the stabilizing force in the area.

Al- Ahram broke a taboo in the Middle East in which, no matter what happens in the region it is always Israel, the Zionist regime and the Israeli Mossad to be blamed. It is one of the rare occasions that Israel is not blamed for the disturbances in the Middle East but the inner conflict between Iran, its allies and the moderate Arab countries.

The article is also a first step in preparing the Arab society to the new undeclared axis, coming into being, between Arab Moderated countries such as Jordan, Egypt (who already have diplomatic relations with Israel) and Saudi Arabia – the anti-Iranian axis.


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