Two men, Yousef Al Jaghameen and Sufian Al Samamrah, were convicted in a Jordanian military court, on Tuesday 10/11/2005, and sentenced to five years in jail for plotting to carry out attacks against liquor stores and Western tourists in Jordan.

Other two men, who had also been charged, were acquitted. One died from cancer since his arrest and another, Mamdouh abu Lubeh, given a symbolic sentence for aiding the two other convicts.

The four, all Jordanian citizens of Palestinian descent, ranging from ages 30 to 48, had been arrested in 01/2005 for planning attacks against tourists in the Jordanian Red Sea resort town of Aqaba.

The four had been surveying liquor stores in Jordan when they were spotted by authorities. A three-man tribunal convicted the men on a count of conspiracy as well as illegal possession of firearms, which they were found carrying when they were taken into custody.

The men had supposedly initially planned to fight in Iraq, but decided, instead, to plan their attacks on targets within Jordan.



The public prosecutor of Jordan’s State Security Court has charged, on Tuesday 02/21/2006, five suspects with plotting to carry out a military operation against Israeli targets in the Jordan Valley. The group was led by Khaled Muhammed, 30, who recruited Firass al-Rifai, 32, and three of his associates to the mission.

According to the indictment list, the five defendants, one of them a teenager, decided to attack Israeli targets after they failed to cross the border with Iraq to join the resistance there against the USA-led coalition troops.

They bought machineguns to use in the attack but were arrested, in 01/2006, before carrying out the operation.


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