A nuclear bomb in the hands of a most extreme Islamic regimes or terror groups is the nightmare of the Western Democracies and USA. There is no doubt that such a situation means total destruction of the international political order, chaos, economic deterioration and other unimaginable situations. For the moment the two leading candidates to enable such a situation are Iran and Pakistan, primarily Pakistan, since the country already obtains a nuclear arsenal and is, nowadays, fighting for its survival against home grown Islamic Militancy with ties inside its intelligence apparatuses – the notorious ISI. (see – PAKISTAN Survival ) 

Since Pakistan became an ally to USA in the “War on Terror” after The 9/11 Pakistan received billions in military aids designated to boost and upgrade Pakistan’s capacity to encounter guerilla and terror and to cope with the growing threat of Tehrik-e-Taleban on Pakistan’s integrity.

On 12/24/2007 the New York Times claimed that about $5bn military aid to Pakistan designated to help Pakistani Army in the CIVIL WAR against the Taliban, were diverted by the Pakistanis, to weapon systems designed to counter India (see – US MONEY )

On Sunday 02/15/2009 the Times of London published a brief of David Sanger’s last book, “The Inheritance”, in which he directly blamed the former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf of playing a “double game” with USA in regard on the “War on Terror”. (see- The Inheritance-)

On 05/17/2009 the New York Times claimed that members of the USA Congress have been told in confidential briefings, by Joint Chiefs chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, that Pakistan is rapidly adding to its nuclear arsenal even while racked by insurgency, raising questions on Capitol Hill about whether billions of dollars in proposed military aid might be diverted to Pakistan’s nuclear program.  

Just a day later, on 05/18/2009, CIA Director Leon Panetta said the United States does not know the location of all of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. But, he says Washington is confident the country has them secure. Although it is assumed that USA is preparing, somehow, to gain control on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities should things go extremely wrong, the impact of such a move is very risky and limited if some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs remain out of reach.

There is no more dangerous situation in the world then the situation in Pakistan nowadays. Not the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan nor the Israeli Palestinian conflict or even the Iranian rush toward nuclear capacity which still lays ahead.  

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