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* Hassan Kettani is young, popular cleric; who preached to his followers in Sale, near the capital Rabat, to observe a radical vision of Islam, at odds with the official and more open Maliki rite of Morocco, in order to build a “non-depraved“ society free from Western influence. Under the complacent eye of the state, he delivered fiery speeches calling for jihad against the US and its allies.

Hassan Kettani was arrested in 02/2003, 4 months prior to the Casablanca Bombings. He was later sentenced, on 09/23/2003, in connection with the attacks to 20 years in prison for being one of the ideological leaders of the Salafia Jihadia who inspired the attack.

* Abdelwaheb Rafiki, known as Abu Hafs, was born in Morocco in 1973. He was arrested shortly after Hassan Kettani, he was sentenced to 30 years in jail. Abdelwaheb Rafiki considers himself a prisoner of opinion and reaffirmed his hardline beliefs in an interview to the Spanish daily ABC, in 06/2005.

The sentences of Hassan Kettani and Abdelwaheb Rafiki was suspended by the Moroccan Supreme Court and ordered a reexamine of the case later in 2003. Eventually their sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 01/2007.

In 10/2008 both Hassan Kettani and Abdelwaheb Rafiki declared hunger strike, which lasted up to the end of 12/2008. .   

* Omar Haddouchi was born in Morocco in 1961. Along with Hassan Kettani, Abdelwaheb Rafiki, Abdelkarim Chadili and Mohamed Fizazi they formed the spiritual leadership of Salafia Jihadia in Morocco. Omar Haddouchi was sentenced to 30 years in jail for being one of the ideological leaders of the Salafia Jihadia who inspired the Casablanca Bombings. 

* Abdelhaq Moulsabbat, an associate of Robert Richard Pierre, served as the Amir of Assirat Al Moustakin, the subgroup within Salafia Jihadia that perpetrated the Casablanca Bombings.

Police said he was named by the three suicide bombers who were supposed to take part in the May 16 attacks, but who abandoned their mission at the last minute. Abdelhaq Moulsabbat was captured days after the attack, in the central Moroccan city of Fes. Abdelhaq Moulsabbat died, on 05/28/2003, wile in police custody, probably after he was tortured to death.  

* Muhsin Khaibar is a Moroccan and a member of the Salafia Jihadia who fled Morocco after the Casablanca Bombings.  Muhsin Khaibar managed to infiltrate into Iraq from Syria and joined Ansar al Islam and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in the war against USA.

Muhsin Khaibar is the masterminded of the triple car bombs attack in the town of Balad, Iraq, committed on 09/29/2005, in which 99 people were killed. According to Iraqi intelligence sources, Muhsin Khaibar operated in the Syrian Iraqi border since 2004.

Today (05/2009) the deeds and whereabouts of Muhsin Khaibar are unknown.


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