* Riyadh – A car bomb exploded, on 03/12/2005, in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Four people were killed in the explosion. Al Haramain Brigades, the name given by Abdul Aziz Muqrin for Al Qaeda branch in Saudi Arabia took responsibility on the bombing.  

* Jeddah – Police raided, on 03/13/2005 dawn, a hideout apartment in the Northern neighborhood of Jeddah. A suspected militant was killed while his colleague, identified as Saed al-Youbi, was wounded and captured. Five policemen were lightly injured in the raid. The raid came after 18 militants were arrested a day earlier in Mecca and were interrogated.    

* Al-JawfSaudi authorities on Friday 04/01/2005 executed three Saudi Islamic militants Hisham bin Awwad, Mohammed bin Awadh and Amjad bin Abdul Aziz convicted of assassinating a deputy governor, a religious court judge and a police lieutenant in the Northern Saudi town of al-Jawf in 2003. Their execution marked the first time Saudi authorities announced penalties against convicted terrorists since 1996.

* Mecca – Two suspected militants and two Saudi security personnel were killed in a fierce gunfight, on Thursday 04/21/2005, after a car carrying suspects, some disguised as women, failed to stop at a checkpoint on the road outside Mecca near the Eastern Umm al-Joud neighborhood. Another four security force members were wounded and two militants were arrested in the clash.

* Mecca – Two Islamic militants Kamal Fudah, 45, and Mansur al-Thabiti, 23, shot dead in Mecca, on Saturday 06/18/2005, Major Gen. Mubarak Al-Sawat, the head of the Security Services in the region.  Three days later, on Tuesday 06/21/2005 morning, the security forces spotted their car near Jeddah Governorate, consequently, they were followed by security forces and shootout breached out when the police attempted to arrest the assassins. The militants escaped after they hijacked a citizen’s car and opted for refugee in a nearby building which was surrounded by security forces, leading to an exchange of fire and resulting in their death. During the clash, three security men were injured, one of them seriously. The squad leader was identified as

* Riyadh & Medina – In a premeditated operation Saudi police and security forces raided 7 locations in al-Massef, a residential area north of Riyadh, and Medina, in a search after Islamic militants. 6 militants were killed in exchange of fire 4 in al-Massef and 2 in Medina and 9 others were arrested. Saleh al-Oufi, the head of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, was killed with another suspect in a hideout near Medina’s main al-Nabawi Mosque, where Islam’s Prophet Muhammad was buried. Four

* Riyadh – Saudi security forces have arrested, on 10/24/2005, 13 teenager suspects in Naseem residential area of Riyadh. One of those arrested is said to be the brother of an Al-Qaeda militant whose name is on the government’s list of the 36 most-wanted terrorists. The arrest were carried out after one of the suspects was tracked down on the Riyadh-Mecca highway near the village of Ruwaida and arrested.

* BuraidaAbdulrahman Salih Abdulrahman al-Miteb, a 26-year-old Saudi, no. 4 in the list of 36 most-wanted, issued in Saudi Arabia on 06/28/2005, and ohammed Abdulrahman al-Suwailmi, 23, no. 7 in the list, were Killed in Um Khashba, on 12/27/2005, after a drive-by shooting East of the city of Buraida, Al-Qassim region. Al-Suwailmi was already pronounced dead after the Dammam Shootout, on 09/06/2005 (see also – Ahmad al-Shayie).

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