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Amide reconciliation efforts of the PAKISTANI government with the Pashtu pro-Taliban tribes in Waziristan a border skirmish occurred, on Wednesday 04/23/2008, between NATO-ISAF forces in AFghanistan and the Pakistani Army on the Afghan side of the famous Khybar pass, the main road between Peshawar in Pakistan and Kabul Afghanistan’s capital.  The clashes left one PAKISTANI soldier dead. 9 more Taliban fighters were killed too in the clashes.

On Wednesday 04/23/2008 before dawn Taliban force which came from Pakistan raided an Afghan army border post. NATO-ISAF force came to reinforce the Afghani army, shelled the area, in order to complicate the withdrawal of the Taliban, and began a hot pursued after the retreating force.

There is concern in Afghanistan and ISAF, based on recent experience with Pakistan, that a PAKISTANI National reconciliation with the most extreme Islamic militants in the world will, eventually led the ease of military pressure on the Pashtu tribesman and improve their maneuverability on the border regions with AFghanistan. (See – Baitullah Mehsud )


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