* Sarfaraz  Nawaz was born in 1977 in Ernakulam in Kerala State, India. He joined SIMI in 1995, when he was a student at Nadwat-ul-Ulema in Lucknow, between 1995-8 and graduated in Aalimiat (Islamic teaching). Later Sarfaraz  Nawaz went to Delhi and worked at the SIMI head office as an office secretary in 2000. In 2001, Sarfaraz  Nawaz moved to Muscat Emirate and associated with Kerala-based SIMI leaders and Lashkar-e-Toiba – LeT – members.

Sarfaraz  Nawaz emerged as the financier of the Bangalore Bombings, on 07/25/2008, and the mediator between the perpetrators in India and Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan. According to the Indian intelligence Sarfaraz  Nawaz transferred about 420,000 rupees to India to finance terror and the INDIAN Mujahideen, through the Hawalla system.

Police suspect that it was during a meeting with key LeT member Wali alias Rehan, a Pakistani national, in 2007 that the Bangalore Bombs were planned. After this, he came in contact with Ali, an Omani national, and held discussions on Jihadi operations. 

Back in Kerala during Ramadan in 2007, Sarfaraz  Nawaz held detailed discussion with Aftab alias Abdul Rehman, Nazir and Abdul Jabbar. He told them they could be sent to Pakistan for Military training.

The complicity of Sarfaraz  Nawaz in the serial blasts in India was established following the arrests and interrogation of Abdul Sattar (57), a radio mechanic from Kerala who devised timers for the bombs, his son Sarfuddin (28), Abdul Jabbar (35), Mujeeb Mohiddin (26), Faizal Abdul Rehman (24), Abdul Jaleel Moosa (35), Manaf Mohammad alias Rahees (23), Badruddin Noor Ahamed (28) and Sakariya (21) – the perpetrators of the Bangalore Bombs.

Sarfraz Nawaz was arrested in the Gulf Emirate of Muscat and Oman, in late 02/2009, and was handed over to the Indian authorities on 02/27/2009. Sarfraz Nawaz was brought to Bangalore on a private plane.

Bangalore police questioned Sarfraz Nawaz about his local contacts: Riyaz Bhatkal, Javed IqbaL and Nasir liyakat Patel, all accused in the serial blast cases. Bangalore police hopes, through his arrest, to track down others who have fled to other countries.

In his investigation Sarfraz Nawaz revealed that a simultaneous bombing was planned for Chennai, a town in the Indian Southern State of Tamil Nadu, was called off due to lack of planning  


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