The Benevolence  International Foundation (Benevolence International Fund in Canada or Bosanska Idealna Futura in Bosnia) was a purported nonprofit Islamic Charity based in Saudi Arabia.

BIF was founded in 1988 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by Adel Batterjee. Another group known as the Islamic Benevolence Committee was founded in both Jeddah and Peshawar, Pakistan, also by Adel Batterjee, in order to support the Mujahideen fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. It is most likely that the financial activity was supported and encouraged, at that stage, by the American CIA, the Pakistani ISI and the Saudi Intelligence. BIF, eventually helped to finance and to transfer money for almost all Al Qaeda activities since 1988 and up to The 9/11.

BIF was also involved in many legal charities all over the Muslim World and operated 15 branches in Western Democracies and Muslim countries. The money was raised especially from rich businessmen in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates, known as the ‘Golden Chain’*.

In 1992, the Benevolence International Corporation in the Philippines folded visible operations, while the Islamic Benevolence Committee was renamed to Benevolence International Foundation. The Filipino group would become a group set up to attack USA interests in the Philippines. Khalid Shaik Mohammed is said to have led the rest of the group.

The group relocated in Plantation, Florida, USA, with Enaam Arnaout as the director. In 1993, the organization’s headquarters moved to Chicago, Illinois.

On 12/14/1994, while on a visit in USA, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa was arrested by USA authority with the American manager of Benevolence International Foundation – BIF – Mohamed Loay Bayazid – in Mountain View, California on charges related to the 02/26/1993 WTC attack. When FBI searched his belongings they found manuals in Arabic on training terrorists, which covered subjects such as bomb-making and other violent activities. Mohammed Jamal  Khalifa claims that his possession of the materials was innocent. They also found a personal organizer with several contacts. One phone number was for Khan Amin Shah, a member of the cell, which was plotting Bojinka Plot at the time.

In 12/2001, in the aftermath of The 9/11, BIF financial accounts were blocked pending further investigation. In 11/21/2002 BIF and all its offshoots all over the world were designated by USA as terror financing corporations.


* Golden Chain ;


A list of purported sponsors of Al Qaeda that was seized in 03/2002 in a raid by Bosnian police authorities on the premises of the “Benevolence International Foundation” – BIF in Sarajevo. The raid was carried out based, partially, on the investigation of Jamal al-Fadl in USA. The list included at least 20 top Saudi and Gulf Emirates financial sponsors including bankers, businessmen, and former ministers and was believed to be written in 1988-9 (the period that BIF was welcomed by USA intelligence apparatuses see also – Yassin al-Qadi ).
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