The trial of 15 suspects of committing the Limburg Attack, on 10/06/2002, was opened in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on 05/29/2004. They were also charged with an attempt to shoot down a helicopter carrying U.S. oil workers, as well as plots to kill the USA ambassador in Yemen Edmund Hull and Yemeni security officials.

On 08/28/2004, Hizam Ali Mujali, 26, was sentenced to death after being convicted of killing a Yemeni police officer at a checkpoint in 2003.

Five of the defendants plus one man tried in absentia, Yasser Ali Salem, received the longest prison terms of 10 years. They were found guilty of participating in the Limburg Attack. Yasser Ali Salem was in charge of buying and delivering the explosives used by the suicide bombers. Four of the five defendants who received 10 years — Omar Hassan Jarallah, 26, Fawzi Yahya Al-Hababi, 26, Muhammad Saeed Al-Ammari, 25, Fawzi Muhammad Al-Wajeeh, 24, where the only defendants present in the court during the sentencing hearing.

Abu Bakr Al-Rabeei, 26, the younger brother of Fawaz al-Rabeei received also 10 years for masterminding, along with his brother, bombings near buildings of the intelligence services and homes of three top intelligence officers in 2003. The al-Rabeei brothers were also fined 18 million rials (about $98,000) as compensation for damages caused by a bomb attack on the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority the same year.

Six militants were sentenced to five years in prison: Fawzi Gharib alias Abu Musab al-Taeezi, 24, student; Ibrahim Mohammed Abduljabar, alias Abu Zaid, 25; Mohammed Abdullah Ahamd al-Dailami, 26; Saleem Mohammed Ali al-Dailami, 25, teacher; Abdulghani Ali Hussein, alias Jaber al-Sanani, jobless and Kasem Yahia Mahdi, alias Abu Hurairah al-Sanani.

Two others convicted – Khaled Ahmad al-Jalob, alias Abu Muslim and Aref Saleh Ali Mujali, the younger brother of Hizam Saleh Ali Mujali, received three years in jail.

* Four of the convicted Hizam Ali Mujali, Aref Ali Mujali, Omar Hassan Jarallah and Mohammed al-Dailami escaped the Sanaa jail on 02/03/2006 (see – Sanaa Escape). Mohammed al-Dailami was killed, along with Fawaz al-Rabeei, by the Yemen police in a shootout in Sanaa on 10/01/2006. Hizam Saleh al-Majali and Aref Ali Mujali surrendered to the authorities six month later, in 08/2006. Their surrender was orchestrated by Sheikh Hadi Dalqim, a tribal leader from Marib.  
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