* Hizam Saleh Ali Mujali was born in Yemen in 1980 in Sanaa district. He is the older brother Arif ali Mujali. Yemeni forces arrested him along with Fawaz al-Rabeei in late 2003. The two resisted arrest and fired at the security forces, killing one soldier, Hamid Khasruf.

Hizam  Ali Mujali, like his younger brother, Arif ali Mujali, was part of the 15-man cell that went on trial in 2004. Hizam  Ali Mujali was charged with a plot to attack a Hunt Oil helicopter and for participating in the Limburg Attack. On 08/28/2004, he was sentenced to death for killing Khasruf (see – Limburg-Trial ). This sentence was upheld by a higher court in February 2005.

Another brother, Yahya Ali Mujali, is also active in Jihadi circles, and had agreed to marry his daughter to Fawaz al-Rabeei. 

Hizam  Ali Mujali and Aref Ali Mujali escaped the Sanaa jail, on 02/03/2006, along with 20 other convicts (see Sanaa Escape). Hizam Saleh al-Majali and Aref Ali Mujali surrendered to the authorities six month later, in 08/2006. Their surrender was orchestrated by Sheikh Hadi Dalqim, a tribal leader from Marib, who served as a mediator between the government and the brothers. It is unclear whether Mujali’s sentence was commuted as a result of the negotiations.
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