* Qassim Yahya Mhadi al-Raimi, known also as Qassin al-Taizi, was born in Taiz – a mountainous town in Southern Yemen in 1979. He was a close associate of Abu Ali al-Harthi and Muhammad Hamdi al-Ahdal.

Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi was captured in southern Yemen, in Abyan-Operation, in early 03/2004. He was convicted in a plot to assassinate the U.S ambassador to Yemen Edmund Hull, in early 2004, and attack foreign embassies and sentenced, on 08/28/2004, to 10 years imprisonment.

Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi was among the 22 Militants who escaped Sanaa jail on 02/03/2006 (see – Sanaa Escape). He was involved in the Marib Foiled Attack on 09/15/2006 and the Marib Suicide Attack on 07/02/2007. About a month later, on 08/08/2007, Yemeni forces raided a hideout of Islamic militants in the area of Raghwan near the provincial city of Marib and pronounced Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi as one of the four militants killed in the raid. It was later proven wrong. Later in 2007 Qassim Al-Raimi formed and led the new Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP group.

On 11/07/2007 Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi was sentenced, in absentia, along with two other fugitives: Nasser al-Wehaishi and Ibrahim al-Huwaidi, for additional 15 years in jail (see – Sanaa 07 Trial).

There is evidence that Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi openly attended, in mid 03/2009, a funeral in Sanaa and mingled for several hours with fellow mourners.

Yemeni intelligence sources claimed that Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi also orchestrated the grapeshot of mortar shells, on 03/18/2008 noon, which were aimed at the USA Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital (see – Sanaa 03.18.08).

Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi was, allegedly, killed in an Yemeni airstrike, on Friday 01/15/2010, in Northern Saada province near the Saudi border (see – Saada 01.15.10 ). But he, eventually, escaped unharmed the attack.
The New York Times reported, on Friday 01/31/2020, that three current or former American officials expressed confidence that Qassim al-Rimi had been killed in a January airstrike in Yemen.
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