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* THE LIMBURG TRIAL – The trial of 15 suspects of committing the Limburg Attack, on 10/06/2002, was opened in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on 05/29/2004. They were also charged with an attempt to shoot down a helicopter carrying U.S. oil workers, as well as plots to kill the U.S. ambassador in Yemen Edmund Hull and Yemeni security officials. See – Limburg-Trial


* SANAA CELL TRIAL – A group of 8 Al Qaeda activists was put on trial, on 03/21/2005, in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on charges they had plotted a string of attacks against foreign Western institutions in Yemen such as the embassies of Italy and UK and the French Cultural Center in Sanaa. See – Sanaa 05 Trial


* ZARQAWI’S CELL TRIAL – Seventeen suspected members of Al Qaeda in Yemen appeared in court, on Wednesday 02/22/2006, charged with plotting attacks against Western targets in Yemen. See – Sanaa 06 Trial


 * SANAA AQ TRIAL – 2007 – A Yemeni court, on Wednesday 07/11/2007, sentenced 30 Yemenis to between two and 15 years in prison for planning and carrying out attacks for Al Qaeda. See – Sanaa 07 Trial


* MILITANTS JAILED IN YEMEN – A Yemeni security court, on Tuesday 02/24/2009, sentenced three members of an alleged Al Qaeda cell to seven years each in jail on charges of plotting attacks and possessing explosives. See – YEMEN 02.24.09


* 13 ISLAMISTS ON TRIAL IN YEMEN – A “terror”-related cases of 13 Islamists accused of belonging to an armed group and attacking soldiers in the south was opened in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on Monday 06/01/2009. See – Sanaa 06.01.09 .


* AL QAEDA CELL IN YEMEN SENTENCED – A Yemeni court in the capital Sanaa has sentenced, on Monday 07/13/2009, 6 Yemeni citizens to death for murdering nine Spanish and Belgian tourists over the past two years. See – Sanaa 07.13.09



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