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* Walid Muhammad Shahir Muhammad al-Qadasi, was born in 1981 in Yemen and is a Yemeni citizen. He was arrested, in late 2001, during the last stage of operation Absolute Justice, by the Iranian authorities, handed over to a Shiite militia loyal to Ismail Khan in North West Afghanistan and handed over, once again, to the Americans.


Walid al-Qadasi was one of the first detainees in Guantanamo in 02/2002. With little evidence against him and no tribunal having established his guilt or innocence, Walid al-Qadasi was sent home to Yemen from Guantanamo in 04/2004. In Yemen Walid al-Qadasi was arrested again and held in Taiz prison, without specific accusations, for two and a half years more before being released in late 2006.


* Ghalib Al-Zaidi made his living by providing bail to Yemeni detainees in Marib province before their trial. He was accused by the Yemen authorities that prior to 12/2003, he helped Muhammad Hamdi al-Ahdal and two others, who were a fugitives of the Yemen police and suspects in the Limburg Attack case, to escape and hid them for a month. Ghalib Al-Zaidi was released from Yemeni jail, on 03/16/2006.

On Friday 06/04/2010, Ghalib al-Zaidi turned himself in to the Yemeni authorities in the north-eastern province of Marib after prolonged mediation efforts.

Another Al Qaeda suspect Hamza Ali Saleh al Dhayani, surrendered two days later, on Sunday 06/06/2001. Hamza Ali Saleh al Dhayan is suspected of assisting the 2007 bombing that killed eight Spanish tourists and two Yemenis (see – Marib Suicide Attack). He is also accused of involvement in a March 2008 mortar attack that missed the US Embassy in Sana’a and hit a nearby school (see -Sanaa 03.18.08). The Marib governor said the surrender was “made possible by co-operation between local security forces, dignitaries and citizens”.


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