Priowahayshir to operation ‘ Absolute Justice ‘ in Afghanistan, in 11/2001, Nasser Abdul-Karim Al-Wehaishi, alias Abu-Bashir, was a close aid of Osama Bin Laden and his secretary. He, along with other senior Al Qaeda operatives, managed to flee to Iran. Nasser Al-Wehaishi was arrested in Iran and, eventually, extradited back to Yemen.

 Nasser Al-Wehaishi was one of the 22 Islamic Sanaa Escapees, who escaped Sanaa Jail, on 02/03/2006.

Along side other escapees: Jamal al-Badawi, Qassim al-Raimi, Ibrahim al-Huwaidi and Hamza Salim al-KUwaiti (from Kuwait), who was killed in shootout with the Yemeni police in mid 2007, they formed a terror cell which was involved, on 09/15/2006, in the Marib Foiled Attack and carried out, on Monday, 07/02/2007, the Marib Suicide Attack.

Nasser Al-Wehaishi made his first appearance on a video posted on jihadist websites in mid 01/2009. Yemeni security forces believed that he became the acting head of the Yemeni Branch of Al Qaeda after Jamal al-Badawi surrendered to the Yemeni authorities on 10/17/2007.

On 07/11/2007, Nasser Al-Wehaishi was sentenced, in absentia, to 15 years imprisonment. In 01/2009 he was proclaimed as the Chief of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Nasser Al-Wehaishi was, allegedly, killed, on 12/24/2009, in the Shabwa Air-Strike but there is no confirmation to the report.

* Khaled Batarfi, a senior member.Al-Qaeda in Yemen – AQAP –  said, on 06/16/2015, its leader Nasser Al-Wehaishi was killed in a U.S  UAV drone bombing, along with two other militants, in a statement posted online.




Ibrahim al-Huwaidi was sentenced on08/25/2004 for 10 years in jail as an accomplice to Fawaz al-Rabeei. He was one of the 22 Sanaa Escapees and joined the terror cell of Jamal al-Badawi. On 07/11/2007, Ibrahim al-Huwaidi was sentenced, in absentia, to 15 years imprisonment.

Ibrahim al-Huwaidi is today (07/2009) still at large.



Mohammed al-Omdah is one of the 22 Sanaa Escapees. After the escape he associated himself to Jaber Elbaneh.

On 05/20/2007 Mohammed al-Omdah, along with Jaber Elbaneh surrendered himself in to Yemen authorities on the condition that his prison sentence would not be extended and is today (07/2007) in Yemeni jail. 

On 07/11/2007, Mohammed al-Omdah and Jaber Elbaneh were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment although they were not present in court during the trial.


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