On Saturday 05/02/2008 a bomb went off in a large Sunnite Mosque in al-Saada province in Northern Yemen, just on the border with Saudi Arabia. More then 10 people were killed and about 100 wounded in the blast which occurred in Ben Salman Mosque, often used by soldiers, policemen and members of the security services,.

Anti-USA Shiite Zaidi tribesmen, the  Saada Rebels group, “Al-Shabab al-Muamin” – The Believing Youth – led by Abdul-Malik Houthi, is fighting Yemen army and pro-government Al-Bukhtan Sunnite tribe in al-Saada province since the 2004 because, allegedly, of close ties with the USA. (Regional tribal wars on whatever the reason is are fought in the region for thousands of years).

Abdul-Malik Houthi is the son of Sheikh Badr el-Deen Houthi, and the brother of slain cleric Hussein el-Deen Houthi who was killed in 2004. The YEMENI government claims the Shiite rebels want to overthrow it and impose Shiaa religious law.

“Al-Shabab al-Muamin” became known recently when they threaten the Jews in al-Saada province to leave their home otherwise they will be killed. Just 3 days ago 11 men were killed in clashes in the region. (Saada 04.29.08)

On Saturday 05/03/2008 Al Qaeda took responsibility, through the web, on what they described “Attack on Italian embassy” – Giving the few days delay in the announcement, in which the details of the attack were published in the media, and the nature of the event, Al-Qaeda announcement is highly wonky.



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