A group of about two dozens Islamic militants were arrested in U.K under an administrative order in the aftermath of The 9/11. Their identities were, in most cases, remained undisclosed and they were named in the media and in court papers released to the public as A, B, C… etc’. Most of them were released, eventually, under strict conditions after 3-4 years. Other went through the ordinary legal system. Today (08/2009) only some remained in administrative detention in U.K.

London became in the 90s’ a safe haven and a refuge for many Islamic militants from all over the world. One of the most prominent groups was the Algerian group of refugees, led by Amar Makhlulif – Abu Doha. Many of those refugees committed despicable terror attacks against civilians in their home country Algeria. Others were from Jordan and from the Arab world. Part of them entered UK illegally.

According to the British law UK can not extradite suspects to other countries if it is reasonable that the suspects will face torture or might be sentenced to death, which was the case with all the ABC.. group. In some cases such as the case of the Jordanian Abu Qatada, the British authorities reached an agreement with their counterpart that the suspects will not be tortured or executed should they be extradited. In other cases such as the case of the Jordanian Mahmoud Abu-Rideh the suspects were eventually released under strict conditions until their legal case will be solved.

In some other cases the British authorities were reluctant to expose their intelligence and especially the ways that the information was obtained in a legal trial and the suspects were, therefore, detained under administrative orders.

One of the detainees, Jamal Ajuo, was arrested in 12/2001. He implemented his legal right and returned, voluntarily, to Morocco. Jamal Ajuo was born in Morocco in 1983 and lived in UK since the late 90s’. He was an associate of Amar Makhlulif and an acquaintance of Yasser el-Sirri.

A:  An Algerian who arrived to UK in 1995 as an asylum seeker. He was arrested in 04/2002. A was released with an electronic tag, on 03/11/2005. On 06/17/2006 he was extradited back to Algeria.

B:  B was born in Algeria in 1972. He was released on bail, on 03/11/2005.

C :  C is an activist of the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad. C was arrested in 03/2004. On 01/31/2001 C was released from jail by a special court order.


G ; later identified as Mohammed al-Ghabra is an unidentified suspect. He was put under home arrest with an electronic tag soon after his arrest. G was released without any charges or restrictions on 07/15/2007. Mohammed al-Ghabra was one of five who had successfully challenged, in 04/2008, in the British High Court the government’s powers to freeze terrorist suspects assets.

I & K : I & K, both from Algerian descent, were arrested initially in early 2002. They were released on an unknown date but rearrested on 08/11/2005 due to new anti terror laws in UK.  They are supposed to be extradited back to Algeria after a suitable agreement about their legal rights in Algeria will be reached.

Z: is an Algerian national, born on 02/10/1967 in Cherchell, Algeria. He gained admission to the United Kingdom in 1991 on a six months visitors visa, but overstayed. Z was arrested in 05/1997 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and on fraud charges. On 06/16/2000, Z was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for the fraud offences. He was released in 02/2001. In late 2001 Z disappeared. He was traced and arrested under immigration powers on 09/15/2005. On 08/29/2006, his asylum claim was refused and a certificate was issued under Section 33 of the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001″.  .

AD – a UK citizen from Pakistani descent identified later as Zeeshan Siddiqui..

AF probably refers to Abd Al-Rahman Al-Faqih, who was in a group of five Libyans, headed by Tahir Nasuf, arrested in Manchester area on 05/24/2006 (see AF-Case).

AK: was born in 1975 in Pakistan. He was released under strict conditions from British jail, on 04/12/2006, and fled UK the next day with the help of Abdul.Rahman..

AM – a financial services salesman from Indian descent, born in the late 80s’, is living in the North of England, thought to have links with Mohammed al-Ghabra – G. .

AN – A Pakistani, is suspected by the security services of intending to travel abroad for terrorism-related purposes and acting as a link between London-based extremists and overseas extremists linked to Al Qaeda. .
AP – is on bail pending deportation to Ethiopia. His curfew under immigration law is longer than the control order – see AP Curfew .

LL – Bestun Salim, an Iraqi with alleged links to Al Qaeda in Iraq went missing from Manchester in 08/2006 after he breached his control order.


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