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* Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad, a French citizen, was born in 1965. He was arrested in Ipswich, Suffolk, east England, and his arrest, on 04/02/2004, after requesting a national insurance number using falsified documents. In the search in his house police uncovered documents and video footages related to Islamic terror, including bombs making manuals.

Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad was suspected of obtaining and distributing documents related to Islamic terror. He was released on bail in mid 04/2004.

Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad fled French, on 09/09/2000 after having stabbed, with two others, an innocent 15-year-old teenager who, according to Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad, committed racist abuse against his family, and entered UK illegally. In 10/2002 he was sentenced in France, in absentia, to life imprisonment.

Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad was rearrested in early 11/2004. On 11/25/2004, Jacques Karim Abi-Ayad faced trial. He was acquitted from the charges and supposes to be today (08/2009) a free man.

 * Mohammed al-Garbuzi was born in 1956 in Larache, Morocco and is a Muslim cleric. He arrived to UK in 1988 as a political asylum seeker from Morocco. He was implicated by the Moroccan intelligence with the Casablanca Bombings, on 05/16/2003. Mohammed al-Garbuzi was sentenced in Morocco, in absentia, to 20 years in jail in mid 2004. 

After the London 7/7 attack Mohammed al-Garbuzi went underground in UK. British MI5 suspected that Mohammed al-Garbuzi was the head of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) in UK. The French and German intelligence claimed he connected to Abu Qatada and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq.

On 07/09/2005, two days after the London 7/7 a man with a full scarf appeared in an interview from the London office of the Arabic TV Channel Al-Jazeera. He claimed he is Mohammed al-Garbuzi and said he did not feel persecuted (which contradicted the head scarf). The real identity of the interviewed man was not verified. The Al-Jazeera reporter who interviewed him confirmed it was al-Garbuzi by checking his passport.

It is assumed that Mohammed al-Garbuzi fled to France where he is living today (08/2009). 
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