The London based Arabic new paper “Al Watan”, claimed in an article published in mid 12/2005, that the Al Qaeda operative Mustafa Setmarian, who was arrested in Quetta, Pakistan, in late 10/2005, managed to order Al Qaeda’s “sleeping cells” in Western Europe, especially in countries with forces in Iraq, to commit terror attacks.

The newspaper added to its internet edition a short video footage distributed through web sites affiliated to Al Qaeda, in which two young men, introduced as British students, called all Muslims in the world to join the Jihad against the “infidels”.

One of the students named himself Abu Ibrahim. He said he was a third year medicine student in Birmingham University who lived in London. He called upon Muslims to join him in Bosnia, where he was present at the time. Abu Ibrahim also criticized Muslim mothers who encouraged their sons to learn “free profession” rather then devote themselves to Islam.

The second man, Abu Ayman, said he was also from London and added that Muslim volunteers from all over the world, including Canada, were preparing themselves in Bosnia camps.

There was no way to verify the authentication of the speakers although their English was quite good.
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