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* Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi, also known as Abu Hamza Al-Liby, was born Libya, on 11/28/1980. He moved to Italy in the late 90s’ and lived for few years in Milan. From Milan Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi used to travel frequently to many Muslim countries such as Yemen, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia – a typical behavior of a currier whether of an international crime gang or a terror organization.

Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi was arrested in U.K in 05/2002 for stealing and holding a British passport. Four month after his arrest the security service MI5 found he was involved in the Rome Cyanide Plot from 02/2002 due to an extradition request issued by the Italian Authorities. According to the Italian intelligence, Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi was the envoy of Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Europe and a member of the Milan 01 Cell. The request was approved by the UK high court in 12/2004 but the extradition was delayed mainly because of exchange of accusations between the UK and Italy.

According to the Italian authorities Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi traveled in late 2001 to Iran in order to receive orders from Al Qaeda “terrorists who fled to Iran,” among whom may have been Osama Bin Ladin’s son- Saad Bin Laden. According to the Italian press Abu Hamza Al-Liby obtained “at least six satellite telephones” some of them were used in UK.

In 09/2005 the legal three years deadline for extradition expired and aroused confusion about his release. Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi remains in immigration detention in the UK, pending further consideration of his immigration position.

On 04/20/2006 Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi was released from detention but remain in house arrest under a terrorism act executive order, which was revoked in 01/2010.

Farj Hassan Faraj Al Saadi was killed, on Monday 08/16/2010, in a motorbike crash in North Harrow, North West of London. Farj Hassan Faraj Al Saadi, who worked as a travel agent’s assistant, leaves behind a wife and three children Shaima, eight, Salman, two and Anisa, five months.


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