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* On 07/15/2002 Frankfurt police raided the main Frankfurt Mosque and confiscated Video footages an CDs, among them footages of beheading “infidels” in Iraq. The footages were showed to children who came for religious lessons in the Mosque.

* On 09/14/2002 the German Heidelberg police arrested a German citizen from Turkish descent on suspicions that he and his girlfriend planned attack against a USA army base near Heidelberg. In their house police found 130 kg of substances which can be used to produce homemade explosive Triacetone Triperoxide, (Triacetone Triperoxide is commonly used by the Palestinians in their terror campaign against Israel).

* On 01/12/2005 a German police force of 700 officers raided and searched 57 locations in five German stated. The police arrested 11 suspects, which included David Mitterhuber, the secretary of the Islamic Information Center – IIZ in Ulm, and 5 women, of belonging to Ansar al Islam network in Europe, recruiting volunteers to the Global Jihad, entering illegally to Germany and using forged documents. One of the suspects arrested in Munich, Bavaria, used 9 different stolen identities. The raid was coordinated with Belgium, Holland and France and based on information obtained from Guantanamo. According to the German police the suspects did no plan attacks in Germany but overseas.

* On 02/01/2005 the German police raided and searched dozens of locations all over Germany. The police arrested 24 suspects of raising money for terror activities overseas. The raid was, probably, the continuation of the previous raid, three weeks earlier, on 01/12/2005.

* On 08/26/2005, three days before the scheduled visit of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in Germany, the police arrested, as a preventive measure, three Chechen suspects, who were under close surveillance and spoke about being heroes in the name of Allah.

* The German media reported, on 05/31/2006, that three German women, who converted to Islam, probably under the influence of their Islamist partners, were arrested when they planned to travel to Afghanistan and Iraq in order to commit suicide attacks against USA troops. Two of the women were in their early 20s’ from southern Germany. One of the women, born in 1966, from Berlin, intended to take her baby son with her.  “She apparently planned to draw her two-year-old child, who lives with her, along with her to death,” a paper quoted an unnamed police source in Berlin.

* German officials say said, on 11/20/2006, they have uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up a passenger plane in Germany. German police questioned six suspects, on Friday 11/18/2006, over the alleged plot, but five were released on Saturday, the federal prosecutor’s office said. The police also searched nine apartments.affai

The suspects allegedly approached a contact, in summer 2006, who had special access to a restricted airport zone. The plan was to plant explosives in a piece of luggage, investigators said, without giving further details. One of those arrested on Friday remains in custody in connection with another investigation.
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