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* Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad, a Spanish citizen from North African descent, was born in the Spanish North African enclave Ceuta in !975. He was caught in Afghanistan in late 2001 and transferred to Guantanamo in 02/2002.

On 02/14/2004 Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad was handed over to Spain where he was needed for a larger investigation concerning Al Qaeda deployment in Spain. In Spain Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad was indicted on various charges of supporting international terror on 07/13/2004, and released on bail.

On 10/05/2005 Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. In 10/2007, Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad was released from Spanish jail for good behavior.

Two of Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad’s brothers were arrested in Ceuta, on 12/12/2006, for being involved in Islamic illegal activities (see – Ceuta Arrests).


* Sufian Raifak is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain. He was arrested, on 04/11/2005, in the Spanish Southern town of Algeciras, near Gibraltar, for entering Spain illegally and using false documents.

On 04/15/2005 Sufian Raifak was indicted in a court in Madrid of obstructing the Leganes investigation by hiding, after the event on 04/02/2004, remains of explosives used in the Madrid Trains Bombing and transferring weapons in Spain illegally. He was also accused of helping terror suspects to escape and holding information from the authorities in Spain. His phone number was found in Jamal Ahmidan’s cell phone memory and vice versa. ( Since no further details about Sufian Raifak’s whereabouts are available to the public it is a reasonable assumption that he became an informant for the Spanish intelligence).  .
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