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Spanish police arrested, on 04/13/2004, 4 suspects of being involved in the Madrid Trains Bombing. The four were identified as:


Ibrahim Afalah, 21, arrested in Leganes, the brother of Mohammed Afalah.
Hassam Belhadj, arrested in the Madrid suburb of Parla, near Leganes, where he was a construction worker.
– Said Aharouch, arrested in Parla, where he was friends with Hassam Belhadj and also worked in construction. 

Mohamed el-Bahrrouchi, arrested in Madrid southern suburb of Leganes


Two more suspects, Mohamed Anaoua Dehdouh, and Abdelghafour Abderrazzak, were rrested in Malaga. They were arrested for suspicions related to the Toledo train bombing on 04/02/2004.


Mohamed Anaoua Dehdouh, and Abdelghafour Abderrazzak attended high school with Said Berraj at the Spanish Institute in Tangiers, Morocco.  Mohamed el-Bahrrouchi is the brother-in-law of Said Berraj’s wife. All six suspects were released without bail on 04/17/2004.




On 11/23/2005 the Spanish police arrested 10 people suspected of setting up a crime gang that supported and financed also the North African terror organization – the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – GSPC. The suspects were detained in and around the Spanish cities of Alicante, Murcia and Granada. The suspects were accused of financing terrorist activities through petty crime, including drug trafficking and forging credit cards. Police seized computer equipment, drugs and $41,200 in cash.

* Seven people, six men and a woman, suspected of financing an Algerian extremist group Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – GSPC, were arrested on the southern Spanish coast on 12/09/2005. Four of them were released without any charges after a week (see also – G.S.P.C cell members ).
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