Sheikh Muhammad Kamal Mustafa was born in Egypt in 1960. Since 1992 he served as the Imam of the mosque of the Southern city of Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain.

On 01/14/2004, Sheikh Muhammad Kamal Mustafa, was sentenced by a Barcelona court to a 15 month suspended sentence and fined € 2160 for publishing, in 2000, his book ‘The Woman in Islam.’ In this book, Sheikh Mustafa wrote, among other things, on wife-beating in accordance with Shariaa law. A judge released him after 22 days in jail on condition that he undertakes a re-education course.

Mustafa noted in his book that the aim of the beating was to cause the woman to feel some emotional pain, without humiliating her or harming her physically. According to him, wife-beating must be the last resort to which the husband turns in punishing his wife, and is, according to the Qur’an, Chapter 4, Verse 34, the husband’s third step when the wife is rebellious. First, he must reprimand her, without anger. Next, he must distance her from the conjugal bed. Only if these two methods fail should the husband turn to beating.

The book, which sold around 3,000 copies in Islamic cultural centers across Spain, was removed from the shelves.
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