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There suppose to be three necessary basic conditions to enable the formation of a democracy:

A. Large scale secular education system with a growing number of population who know to write and read.

B. Large and growing social middle class.

C. Strong and free press.


Afghanistan lacks all of these preconditions to democracy. On the contrary – it is a tribal ignorant society. It took hundreds of years of slow, gradual development in many domains in West Europe and other countries to become true Democracies. In this stage democracy in Afghanistan is nothing but a show off. Even those who appeared in ballot boxes in the last elections, on 08/20/2009, voted as they were instructed by their sheiks, elders or other chieftains (see – Afghan 09 Elections). Only a slow, steady progress in education and economy over few decades consecutively, can create a basic infrastructure for democracy in Afghanistan.

 It is great arrogance, after the long evolution that some of the European countries went through to become democracies, to impose democracy from Washington or Brussels, on other nations who are lacking the basic condition of democracy and it always ended with a humanitarian disaster.

The US special envoy to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has held an “explosive” meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, on Friday 08/21/2009, over the country’s election.  Richard Holbrooke raised concerns about ballot-stuffing and fraud, by a number of candidates’ teams, sources said, as if something else could be expected at all in a country run by warlords and drug lords, under ongoing civil war with an regime that already gained his reputation of being extremely corrupted by all means.

A senior British diplomat, Lord Ashdown, a former special envoy to Bosnia, has said, on Friday 08/28/2009, an “explosive” meeting between the US special envoy to Afghanistan and the country’s president is very worrying. He described the meeting “unhelpful” and added that undermining the election could have disastrous consequences (see also – British interference).

This debate over IMPOSING DEMOCRACY in Afghanistan emphasizes the confusion about the real purpose of USA and NATO-ISAF intervention in Afghanistan. If the war is about transferring Afghanistan to a functioning democracy – it will last over few decades and it is doubtful if the procedure to transform Afghanistan to a democracy will really survive the dramatic political and economic changes which lay ahead.
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