259 people were killed, on 12/21/1988, whenPan Am Flight 103 crashed into the Scottish village of Lokerbie. The disaster was caused not by a technical failure or by human misjudgment but due to a bomb planted by agents of the Libyan Intelligence.

57-year-old Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, one of those agents, who was serving time in Scottish Jail after sentenced to life imprisonment, on 01/31/2001, by a panel of Scottish Judges sitting in a special court in Holland, was released because of “humanitarian” reasons, on 08/20/2009.


In the next three years, following The 9/11 in New York, USA – U.K sent its troops to two wars – in Iraq and in Afghanistan, in which more then 390 British soldiers lost their life, allegedly to fight terror and to do their outmost that such bloody terror attacks will not happen again.


Fighting terror is not only and not primarily a military mission of sending soldiers to other remote countries to impose on them democracy. It must be basically a long term firm moral commitment never to tolerate terror of any kind under any circumstances, and if a terror attack is committed – never to give up in hunting the perpetrators down, bring them to justice and punish them accordingly if convicted.


Unfortunately all countries have some tendency to overlook terror activity if it fits and serves, somehow, their basic interests.  In the 70s’ and 80s’ many European countries reached secret understandings with Palestinian organization to overlook their activity on a condition that they will abstain from any terror attack on their soil. The logic was to avoid any confrontation with the Arab oil producers. The leading country among the Western Democracies, in enabling terror infrastructure to operate on its soil and under its sovereignty was UK.


Endless Islamic militants from Chechnya, Algeria, Bosnia, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories and elsewhere found refuge in UK itself, prior to The 9/11. Many of them committed heinous atrocities against uninvolved civilians in their home countries and continued to direct and finance terror all over the world. They based their political and financial headquarters in UK, raised large sums of money, openly and freely, all over Britain and incited hate against the Western Democracies, against Jews and against nonbelievers (not Muslims). Parts of the money ended in financing terror and suicide bombers among civilians causing casualties and pain all over the world. It is not an exaggeration that London, called by many commentators and security services in the world – Londonstan – was in the 90s’ a safe haven for world wide terror.


The heinous 9/11 attack was not orchestrated in the caves of Afghanistan, although Al Qaeda, as an organization, operated freely and was hosted by the Taliban regime. The 9/11 was orchestrated in Karachi, Pakistan, by Khalid Shaik Mohammed. Although the Pakistani notorious Intelligence apparatus ISI was not aware of The 9/11 plot, they provided safe houses and overlooked its activity. Basically it did not differ that much from the way that the British authorities were overlooking the Hamas plotting suicide bomb attacks against buses in Israel.


Trade and oil played a part in the decision to include the Lockerbie bomber in a prisoner transfer deal, Jack Straw, former Foreign Minister and nowadays UK Justice Minister,   has admitted, on Saturday 09/05/2009, speaking to the Daily Telegraph.


Although Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi himself does not pose any further threat, his release, in an oil trade, severely undermines the moral cause for which 390 British soldiers lost their life, supposedly fighting terror. UK proved it learned very little from The 9/11 and oil deals are much more important for UK then fighting terror.
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