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* Abdelkader  Mokhtari is an Algerian with military experience in the Algerian civil war, which breached out in 1992, as a member in the Armed Islamic Group – GIA.

Abdelkader  Mokhtari, also known as Abu el-Ma’ali – the Gendarme,  created a group entitled Harkat ul-Ansar (the Movement of the Victorious), with the help of Haroon Rashid Aswat, which consisted of approximately 200 British men of Pakistani origin, and was trained fighting in Indian Jammu and Kashmir before being deployed to Bosnia. In 11/1994.  Abdelkader  Mokhtari wrote to the Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic requesting the release of two Mujahideen from prison, pointing out that “our brothers are nothing more than any other ordinary Mujahid in the Bosnian army”, and noting that not a single crime or instance of looting rested on his foreign volunteers.

Initially Abdelkader  Mokhtari was serving as second-in-command of the Arab volunteers Zenica battalion, in the 7 Mujahideen Brigade, under the command of Anwar Shaaban, with Fateh Kamel as his right-hand man in 1995, though Fateh Kamal spent his time visiting sixteen different countries during that time. Anwar Shaaban spent much of his time in Italy so Abdelkader  Mokhtari was, actually, the acting commander of the battalion.

As of 1996, Abdelkader  Mokhtari was believed to have led the 3rd Corp, known as the Gazi’a Force, an Arabic term for retribution, which incorporated formerly independent mujahideen units into a single force. Other reports suggest he only led the training portion of the Corps, known as U-Force (see – 7 Mujahideen Brigade).

A 1997 French intelligence report suggested that Abdelkader  Mokhtari had managed to keep a cache of SA-7 anti-air missiles after the Dayton agreement, signed officially in Paris on 12/14/1995, thanks to his protection and status with President Alija Izetbegovic.

Abdelkader  Mokhtari was also accused of organizing an alleged Mujahideen cell in the King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo. In 1998, the French government accused him of smuggling explosives to an Egyptian group planning to destroy American targets in Germany.

Under the pressure of few Western powers Abdelkader  Mokhtari was smuggled out from Bosnia in late 1998 – it is not fully clear where to. It is believed that he returned to Bosnia and found there a refuge later.

In 2005, Abdelkader  Mokhtari was interviewed by a Bosnian magazine about the injustice he saw in the trial against Abduldhim Maktouf, a Mujahideen alleged to have been involved in the mistreatment of Croatian prisoners. He noted that he had married a Bosnian wife. The interview reconfirmed that Abdelkader  Mokhtari is indeed staying in Bosnia nowadays, 2009 (see also -Imad al-Hussein
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