On 05/23/2008, a video interview with a German convert – Eric Breininger was posted by As-Sahab in a website related to the “Islamic Jihad Union” (-IJU). It was the beginning of a propaganda campaign targeting the German policy toward Afghanistan and encouraging German Muslim citizens to join the Global Jihad.

Another three German citizens, all of whom from Moroccan descent, left Germany to the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan to join the Global Jihad.

Bekkay Harrach left Germany, already in early 2007, while the Chouka Brothers left to Northern Pakistan in fall 2008.

In 2009 over 9 video footages with the starring of Eric Breininger, Bekkay Harrach and the Chouka Brothers where posted in the web. It seems as it is an attempt, made by the Islamic Jihad Union –IJU, to influence the public opinion in Germany over the presence of 3,300 German troops in Afghanistan operating within NATO-ISAF, in the election year. The elections scheduled to late 09/2009 (see also the case of Samir-Khan ).

It is unclear if German was selected as a target for propaganda for a particular reason or it was just the opportunity of four German Jihadists who speak German fluently and became available for As-Sahab.
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