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* Nageeb Abdul Jabar Mohammed Al-Hadi was born in 1967 in Yemen and is a Yemen citizen. He is married and has a wife and three children in Detroit, USA. Due to his work as Lufthansa Airlines sales representative in Yemen he used to fly often between Germany, headquarter of Lufthansa, Detroit USA, where his family is living, and Yemen.

 Abdul Jabar Al-Hadi was on an airplane from Frankfurt, Germany, to Chicago, flight 430, when the flight is diverted to Toronto, Canada, on 09/11/2001, due to the shutdown of flights to the USA in the immediate wake of The 9/11 attacks. He was released on bail in Toronto, Canada three weeks later under strict conditions. Initially USA authorities believed he was a key figure in The 9/11 attack.  

Customs officers search his suitcases and find two Lufthansa airline crew uniforms and four Yemeni passports, each with a different passport number. One passport had the name and photo of another person. His phone records showed he was in connection with Nabil al-Marabh.

On 05/27/2002 Superior Court Justice in Canada Arthur Whealy ruled that Abdul Jabar Al-Hadi can be sent to the United States to face passport fraud charges. Court documents filed in the United States do not suggest Abdul Jabar Al-Hadi was connected with the terrorist attacks. But the USA is expected to request his extradition.

On 01/15/2003 Abdul Jabar Al-Hadi was convicted in USA on the forgery charges but not sentenced. His deeds and whereabouts today (09/2009) remains unclear (which suggests that he became a sort of an informant).   

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