* Yassin Al-Qadi (al-Kadi) was born in 1947 and is a Saudi businessman who lives most of his time in Switzerland. He is suspected by the FBI of financing Islamic terror.

Since 1986 Yassin Al-Qadi was one of the investors, along with: Soliman S. Biheiri, Abdullah Awad Bin Laden, a nephew of Osama Bin Laden, Mousa Abu Marzook and others, in BMI Inc., a real estate investment firm based in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.

Former counterterrorism adviser for the White House  Richard Clarke stated in 2003, “While BMI [has] held itself out publicly as a financial services provider for Muslims in the United States, its investor list suggests the possibility this facade was just a cover to conceal terrorist support. BMI’s investor list reads like a who’s who of designated terrorists and Islamic extremists”. BMI Inc. was involved, through Mousa Abu Marzouk, in transferring money to Hamas.

BMI Inc. was closed in 1996 and another new company called Kadi International Inc. operated from the same office as BMI.

In an interview shortly after The 9/11, Yassin Al-Qadi boosted “I have also met with US Vice President and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia] when he came for a lecture organized by the Dallah Group (a group of rich businessmen in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates, known as the ‘Golden Chain’ and was involved in financing radical Islamic groups in Bosnia – see also -BIF-).

The US had named Yassin Al-Qadi, on 10/12/2001, a supporter of terrorism and froze his assets.

On 06/25/2005, after international pressure, the Swiss authorities decided to nominate an investigating judge to check whether Yassin Al-Qadi violated the Swiss law regarding money transactions. On 12/24/2007, the Swiss federal prosecutor exonerated him of all charges.

In 08/2006, Turkey’s highest court, the Council of State, overturned a government order that resulted in the freezing of Yassin Al-Qadi’s assets. In its judgment the Council of State found that no evidence had been presented linking Yassin Al-Qadi with Al-Qaeda and said that the Turkish government had acted unconstitutionally and that the order should be overturned. The court also noted that in relation to the allegations, Yassin Al-Qadi had never been indicted or charged by a court of law anywhere in the world including the USA.


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